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Full Version: Looking For A Teacher
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I'm going to post this here and in the section about Nazarene's and Messianic Judaism.

I would like to find a teacher to learn more about the modern Nazarene movement.

I want to avoid ANYONE associated with the "Trimmites".

I'm interested in learning more than I already know.

If your a member of this Board, you sort of already know who I am, and how I think.

You could drop me a line in my PM box, if your interested.

If you know of a really great website about Nazarene Judaism, you could point that out to me too, if you'd like.

I hope to hear from any interested parties.

Shlama in Yeshua, Albion
Dear Albion,

Will teach you, if you adopt me?


Check your PM box please.

Shlama, Albion

Amatsyah Wrote:Dear Albion,

Will teach you, if you adopt me?