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Full Version: BibleWorks database of Old Scratch Sinaiticus manuscript
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I have started to create a BibleWorks database of the Old Scratch aka "Old Syriac" Sinaiticus manuscript (consisting of the four gospels) which will make it possible to compare the Peshitta against the Old Syriac. This module is already very well advanced, but it needs to be extensively proof-read. I plan to do similar modules of the Curetonian manuscript, and eventually other Syriac manuscripts such as the Crawford codex, Harklean, etc. All these will be free BibleWorks modules.
If anyone is interested in helping me to proof-read this, please can you email me at macleod dot ewan at gmail dot com
You don't need to have BibleWorks to do proof-reading, just the ability to read Estrangela and Hebrew ashuri scripts.
- Ewan MacLeod