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Full Version: About The Way Int. Aramaic/English New Testament
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Dear Paul,

Here's a piece of a post that I put in another section of

I'm wondering if you could perhaps ask Father Klutz about this translation team?

He seemed to know who they were in a letter to me back in the late 1980's.

For the sake of modern Assyrian/Aramaic history, I feel that this information needs to be preserved.

If you could ask Fr. Klutz about these translators, I'd sure like to know.

I know of others here at that would like to know too.

Thanks a lot!

The Priest at St. John's Assyrian Church of the East in Chicago, Illinois, Father Charles Klutz (who incidently, is Deacon Paul Younan's Priest), told me in a personal letter written in the 1980's that I no longer have (but I do have a kind of photographic memory) said something very similiar to this (in answer to my griping about George M. Lamsa's Peshitta New Testament): "in answer to your question about looking for a reliable version of the Peshitta New Testament, The Way International in Ohio, has published an Aramaic/English Interlinear translation that I can assure you was translated by a reliable and experienced team of Assyrian translators that fluently speak and read Assyrian (Aramaic).

I want you to firmly understand that The Way International is a Protestant sect, and is NOT in any way Orthodox, like the Assyrian Church of the East."

This is very near what the original letter written to me in the late 1980's, said.

I take it that Father Klutz MIGHT have known all, or most, of these translators on this team.

I think that it would serve history (which is important to ME) that Father Klutz would come forward, and if he has this information about just WHO these translators are/were, and he has PERMISSION, that he release this information to the public, who wants and needs to know.

I have often wondered if George Kiraz was a part of this Assyrian translation team.

It MAY BE that The Way International put some kind of legal binder on them that their names be kept private, for whatever reason.

I don't know if this is TRUE or NOT (about The Way Int.), but I would very much like to know. This information is aging at this moment, as not a one of us (me included) is getting any younger.

Shlama, Albion