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Full Version: Bible code newbie
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I'm a newbie when it comes to Bible codes. I am not sure I even understand correctly what they are. I think what I'm reading if I understand correctly is that - Bible codes are letter of the writ that occur every so many letters or so? If that is the case - do people search the original aramaic letters or translations of them (I assume the original aramaic letters)?

Now if I'm on the right track in understanding - I could make some quick software that could search these things. I am a skilled programmer in a very powerful language called REBOL (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->) which has very capable parsing and index traversial functions.

Perhaps you could assist Glenn David Bauscher in this matter. He posted here under username "gbausc." Check out the result of his research at
Hi Paul,

Yes, the codes are found by skipping a certain number of letters, anywhere from 2 to 230,000 max.- half the number of letters in The Aramaic NT.

If you are interested, you could have a look at the software available. Codefinder is the best program thus far.
Kevin Acres wrote it and Roy Reinhold is the distributor and tweaker. Roy's web site is

I would love to get a searchable Koran text to compare it to the Peshitta and others. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Dave Bauscher
Well, I can program what I need for any search. I'll try to checkout codefinder. However, what I typically do in these situations where I need to skip parts of data is read the data as binary into a word (rebol variable), then I skip through the data outputing what is found at the skip interval indexes into and output file in sequential order. Then I save the contents as binary and then open it with the original reader/viewer to see the contents. So for example to test this - all I would need is the data and a skip interval that one desires. The data would most likely be the Aramaic text and the skip interval could be anything that has turned up results so far to compare against. I'm not sure what the 230,000 max limit is for - I don't see a ceiling on what number can be done as most computers can handle numbers in computations much larger than 230,000. What I do see often in situations like this is when people load a complete file into memory and risk memory errors. That may why you ran across that limit - not sure. However, I'm not concerned about problem as I can open a port to a file and read portions of the file at a time that way there is no limit on file size that can be searched. If you want to send me something you want search and the skip interval then just send it in text format and if there is a certain font file required send me a link to the download. My email is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

Doesn't one have to know Hebrew to browse for Bible codes?

Hi Paul,

No, but it would help. I suggest you get the Codefinder program. It has a Hebrew - English dictionary and the next version will have an Aramaic -English dictionary which I have compiled from my Interlinear translation of Mark and John. If you purchase the program now, you will get free upgrades when new versions come out. My dictionary will cost $8.00 extra.
You can find it at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Codes in the Hebrew OT and in The Peshitta NT occur in both Hebrew and Aramaic. There are great resources for both languages available. has some very good
Hebrew resources for sale. has tools for Aramaic grammar links on the home page. Alan Alda's Aramaic lessons are free and excellent. Take advantage of them.


That is a great suggestion Dave. I have already visited the links and was informed as I browsed them on. However, I am looking for the best published and version of Bible. I'm gonna give it to my father on his birthday.