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Full Version: New 40 letter code in The Peshitta NT !
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Shalma kalhown,

I have just sent a a 40 letter Bible code I found in the Peshitta to Dan Gan to be posted on my web site (See link at bottom of this page). It has a very clear message based on a phrase from Revelation 1:1

I will let you find the details there. I have tested several editions of the Peshitta-Peshitto as well as a scrambled control text the size of the Hebrew Tanackh. Nothing even close to this code comes up in them.
I also tested the Textus Receptus 1550 edition for just the first word of Revelation 1:1 as a code. Nothing !

I hope you enjoy this. I am excited about the implications for Peshitta-Peshitto primacy.

Burktha w' shlama,

Dave Bauscher