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Full Version: URGENT: To those who are hosted by Paul's server
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To Caruso, Marucci, Maronite church, AGR, Bauscher etc whoever is hosted by Paul Younan's server.

I offer you my webspace for FREE hosting with NO strings attached and I mean NO STRINGS. I have far too much webspace then I need and would be honoured to host all this stuff.

And like I said to Paul, I don't give a stuff about theological differences, your site can say what it wants even though we all have different ideas. Your site is your site and that's that. I have grown up much this past year. Maybe because of love for people who are not Christians?!




PS: please send this message to any other sites hosted by Paul's server that I don't know about. Like what about My offer is for ALL that is hosted on Paul's server, and even if you are not on Paul's server!

Don't wanna sound like I am "good" or anything, I just desperately do not want the fine works you guys have done to get lost if and when Paul's hypothetical situation of his server crashing does happen.
Please pass on this message and offer to that Assyrian website that Paul used to host on his server. I forgot the name, I'm sure some of the old-timers know and can pass on the message.