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Full Version: Authorship Determination of NT books by Letter Frequency
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Shlama Ahka,

I have just posted a short article called "Authorship Determination of NT books by Letter Frequency Analysis in Aramaic & Greek".

Codefinder software lists letter frequencies of the alphabet of any search text, including the Greek NT and The Peshitta NT , or any book or section desired.
I have compared books of Paul's epistles as well as Luke-Acts, John-Revelation , in Greek and Aramaic, to see if the corresponding Aramaic books are more highly correlated than the Greek books; they are !

MS Excel has a CORREL function that determines correlation between two lists of numbers (letter frequency %'s in this case).

I don't know of this being done to determine authorship of books, but it seems to me to be a feasible method.
Make of it what you will; I offer it as am interesting phenomenon that seems to support Peshitta primacy and a statement by Eusebius concerning Luke possibly translating Hebrews into Greek.

The file is on my web link below.

Burkhtha w' Shlama