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Full Version: Khabouris Translation
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Shlama Akhi Stephen,

That sounds like a pretty good game plan. I would not only like to hear akhan Paul's input on this but also his thoughts concerning the possible addition of Mike Holliday as an additional member of the editing team. What an inspiring thought that one day the Khabouris Codex might become an integral part of the Online Bible where so many things can be viewed simultaneously!
I'm also thrilled with your transcription work and akhan Dave's inch-by-inch resolve to grasp the concepts of Aramaic grammar.

Shlama w'Burkate, Larry Kelsey

Hi Larry:
Thanks for the encouragement and recommendation to invite Mike Holliday to join the team.

Kind Regards,
Shlama Akhay,

Have Mike Holliday register a username so that I can add him here and we can meet him.
Shlama akha,

I would love to get started translating, however, Paul has not sent me the software
I am to use for that purpose. I patiently await a reply from him.

Steve, I am very disappointed you will not be highlighting the changes you make to the text. It is a prime opportunity to catalogue ,for once, the differences between the two major texts of the Peshitta.

It would be very difficult to retrace everything once you are done ,to find all the changes made if they are not marked.

I would volunteer to do it myself, but I can't see giving up translation work in its stead.

Perhaps you will reconsider ? If not, perhaps that is something Mike Holliday would consider.

I hope we can get going soon. It is an exciting prospect.

I believe next year is going to be the best yet, for all of us; hopefully for many more than just us.

Do you feel the excitement ?

Burkhtha w'Shlama,