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Full Version: Conforming to Khabouris
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Shlama Akhi Stephen,

Because the Khabouris is considered to be one of the prime examples of the eastern textual family, it is very important as you suggested to cross-check all of our work against this manuscript.

It's a lot of work to consider going through all of the completed chapters in the Interlinear created so far and check them letter-for-letter, word-for-word against the Khabouris. But it's the only way I can think of to make sure we make our work the most accurate it can be.

Do you feel it worthwhile to gather more help from others, or do you feel this is a manageable task for yourself only? The reason why I ask is because Akhan Dean Dana had actually started this a while back, but certain things came up in both of our private lives that impeded our progress, and the project halted unfortunately.

While his time is still limited due to illness in the family, I can ask that he join again if time permits.

Let me know.