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Full Version: Eastern & Western Lexicons, Greek sources & split wo
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Hopefully Paul can answer this one.

Do not Western Syriac Lexicons use Greek meanings in their Aramaic word definitions, since they believe The Peshitta was translated from Greek ?
If so, we would expect Greek variant readings to affect the definition of a particular word since the Lexicographer would consult Greek "sources" for the use of a word.. "Split words", in this case, would be a misnomer, since the Greek usage would be incorporated into the lexicon definitions and then those definitions be used to prove that the Greek came from the Aramaic.

Eastern lexicons should avoid all this, since the Eastern view (COE) would preclude Greek from being considered as a source.
I think only an Eastern lexicon should be used to show split words in the Greek NT.

I hope I am stating this clearly.

Which lexicons are based only on Eastern sources and exclude the Greek ?

Dave B