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Full Version: Aramaic Primacy Proof: Acts 18: 8/Acts 18:17
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Aramaic Primacy Proof:

In Acts 18: 8 and 17, the same Greek noun (archisunagogos) is used to describe Crispus and Sosthenes. In verse 8 the first use is in the nominative masculine singular, while in verse 17 it is in the accusative masculine singular. In the Aramaic, however, Crispus is described as the Rab, while Sosthenes is described by a different word, [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]04y4q[/font] ( QaSHiYSHaA ), meaning "elder."

If this was translated from Greek into Aramaic, why would the translator used a completely different Aramaic word to translate the same Greek word?

In Messiah,
Good work bro! A clear example of a multiple-inheritance, where the Greek dilutes the variety of the Aramaic.